Courses Taught

Composition Courses

English Composition I and Writing about Texts are two foundational writing courses required to meet the general education requirement at Florida State College at Jacksonville, and other universities/colleges have a similar writing requirement. They are critical for developing the writing, researching, and analyzing skills that will become important to students' success in many subsequent courses and in many career fields where writing, be it via email or researched reports, will be neccessary. Also, research has shown that success in writing courses can be predictive of retention and overall student success (graduation): "How Student Performance in First-Year Composition Predicts Retention and Overall Student Access".

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Professional Development Courses

For educators, understanding how pedagogy/andragogy and educational technology work together has become integral to successful teaching and training at all levels in various areas. Tools for Fallitating Collaborative Learning, Mobile Learning, Developing Mimi-Lectures, and Using Multimedia are just a few of the professional development courses I have facilitated. For more information on these training courses and other research projects, click here.