Unity and Coherence

Drag-n-drop sentences from the column in the appropriate part of the essay box. Each box can contain only 3 items, and there is 1 sentence that is off topic. The off-topic sentence will not fit anywhere.


  • Many students struggle with study habits.
  • They often don't know what good study habits are.
  • There are a couple of important ways one can improve study habits.
  • One important element of good study habits is time management.
  • Time management requires a person to organize his or her schedule.
  • Students also struggle because they have not set clear goals.
  • A student who does this will find ways to better fit in time to study.
  • Another feature of good study habits involves being organized.
  • This can be done by creating seperate folders for different classes.
  • Seperating materials like this will make homework easier to find.
  • In conclusion, improving study habits requires some thought.
  • However, with a little effort, a person can manage his or her time better.
  • Also, a person can become more organized.


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